Guild Charter

Pak’Cafan Charter & Rules of Conduct

Pak’Cafan is one of the very few guilds that thrives on the family oriented casual/hardcore environment. Many people say they don’t exist, or if they do it doesn’t last very long, well… I’m here to tell you it can, and it does, with Pak’Cafan. Since it’s birth in 1999 Pak’Cafan has continued to build it’s presence in many of today’s popular games and has continued to increase its membership based off the same primary virtues around which we, the members of Pak’Cafan, set our beliefs: Honor, Respect, and Family. This set of core values can be found in our guild and in our members in every game Pak’Cafan plays. We are a tight-knit community that treats everyone like a member of their family. Because of Pak’Cafan’s commitment to it’s core values, it has built a member group that has succeeded where other guilds have failed. Pak’Cafan members have found the way to enjoy playing together in both a casual and hardcore atmosphere in a fun way. Pak’Cafan is filled with people from all over the world, but a majority of our members primarily reside in North America.

We are a group of players who enjoy a social gaming experience. Members of Pak’Cafan are expected to hold Honor and Respect for others and putting the needs of the Guild and other members before themselves, in the highest regard. Most Pak’Cafan members are either students or working adults with families. With that in mind, if you prefer the l337 D00d style of play, Pak’Cafan is not the guild for you. We are not an elitist guild nor an uber, wtfpwn you guild. Our goals may be high in what we want to build in Rift, but we will obtain these goals through our time-proven method: honest and honorable means through a dedicated, family oriented guild team. We refer to our core values as Pak Values. Honor, Respect, and Family and by extension; Integrity, Morals, Ethics and Honesty are the center of our structure. We work to advance the guild as a whole.

Pak’Cafan is seeking to build a strong guild in Telara to match what we have done in other Pak shards. The progress we make in each shard is directly related to the high quality of members we have. Pak is not a guild that randomly invites members because they don’t have a guild tag, nor do we perform quick invites. There is a process to join our ranks and a reason for this process. If you are seeking a quick invite, this is not the guild for you. We believe that membership is a two way street. New recruits must take a look at our policies and processes to determine if this guild is right for them, and in turn, we need to find out if they are a good fit in our family. Being a Pak member requires integrity, morals, ethics and honesty. We value every member like a member of our own family. We are not selfish and are all willing to help one another out before we ask for help ourselves. Whenever possible, we seek guildmates to fill openings in groups before looking to those outside the guild. We always maintain the NBG (need before greed) system when it comes to an item obtained within the group.


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