Rollin Rollin Rollin….

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Chugga Chugga, Chugga Chugga, Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo… Pak’Cafan is just steam rolling the bosses here in HK. Way to go Pak for killing Inwar Darktide on our first night of progression. This puts us at 10/11 in Hammerknell. Knock Knock Akylios… Weeeeeeeeeeeeee’re heeeeeeeeeeeeeere !!


Like taking candy from a baby !

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They said he is the easiest boss in HK, just tough to get to, and they weren’t kidding. A 10 minute explanation of the fight and a 2 shot kill, Inquisitor Garau goes down. Congrats Pak’Cafan on your easy loot !

We came, We saw, We kicked his Ass!

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They said he was tough, they said he is the cause of 1,000’s plus to quit the game, they said he was a guild breaker.

Well, we said… Feel the wrath of Pak’Cafan !!!

Sicaron, a Hammerknell boss that has a reputation of destroying guilds, THE reason for guilds to fall apart, and caused several 1,000’s of people to quit playing the game, guilds spending hours upon hours upon hours to kill. Well… We killed him in 2 hours ! How about them apples??

Congrats Pak’Cafan !!
Time to stock up on them water resists because were headed upstairs to the final 3 bosses.

Rise of the Phoenix is now complete !!

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Congrats Pak’Cafan on a long journey and finally clearing the last two bosses in RoTP.

The worm is dead !

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Through a lot of dedication, blood, sweat, tears, and a hell of a lot of alcohol, Pak finally killed Grugonim !!!

Congrats to everyone who made it possible both in and out of the killing group. Without everyone’s hard work & mistakes this wouldn’t of been possible !!

Sicaron…. You’re next !

Moving on up….

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Here are a couple of late entries to our kill listings…
Estrode and Rune King Molinar.

Patch 1.7 (2/1/12)

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* PvP: Prestige updates, PvP Planar Attunements, and Warfront Mercenaries, oh my. Check out the PvP Update sections for a lot of info on the latest in RIFT PvP.
* Sweeping changes have come to the progression of gear at levels 45+. See ITEMIZATION ADJUSTMENTS, below, for details.
* No matter who you are, you now have twice as many Expert Dungeons to play in! The two tiers of Expert Dungeon difficulty have been combined into one.
* The new Soul Preset system is now available for use by all players, old and new. Check out USING A PRESET BUILD for info on how you can use the new, optional Purposes to try out new specs.
* Playing RIFT with that special someone? Maybe you’d like to propose at the top of the Stonefield waterfall? IN-GAME WEDDINGS are now available for Ascended.
* A new Chronicle appears! Grab a friend and disguise yourself as Endless Cultists to infiltrate and sabotage Alsbeth’s plans within the River of Souls!
* The Master Mode of Caduceus Rise is now available for the conquering!
* A sixth role is now available for purchase!

Full Patch Notes